Welcome to Sacred Meridian Acupuncture Clinic Victoria, BC.

Acupuncture is a holistic therapy that helps to strengthen the immune system, prevents disease by keeping the body in balance, and improves the quality of life. The function of acupuncture is to create a calm and healing atmosphere that promotes pathways to health, longevity and well being. By emphasizing the value of traditional Japanese and Chinese style acupuncture, I treat the root in order to create long term change. Like acupressure, acupuncture involves the flow of energy in the body's pathways, referred to as meridians. Improved flow will  keep the body in a more balanced state. This will improve or heal a variety of acute and chronic conditions and enhance overall health and vitality. I work with each patient focusing on the individual, realizing that each of us are uniquely affected by our environment, emotions, diet and lifestyle. I strive to create a trusting and mutual partnership so each patient may engage with knowledge and confidence in their own healing process. My special interests focuses on woman’s health, fertility, pregnancy, pediatrics and menopausal symptoms
"Each separate being in the Universe returns to the Source. Returning to the Source is Serenity."